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I have published many news at the topic "emigrants" - a list with all known emigrants of the Deitemeyer family and an emigrants family tree. Additional there are a page with data of persons I couldn't relate to. Who can help?

During my last visit in the Dioezesan-Archive in Osnabrueck I found out the entry of death of Engel Dedingmeyer in 1668. Caspar Dedingmeyer's wife's name of the 2. marriage was also Engel. So I have to change my family tree.
[Engel Dedingmeyer].

I could complete my family tree in the von Hoene, Burghard and Fierdag lines with 2 generations.
[Johann Friedrich von Hoene] [Karoline Burghard] [Trientje Fierdag].
Thank you Ursula Schilling von Hoene for your help.

I was very successful during my last visit in the archives of Osnabrueck last week. I found out the birth entry of [Hermann Dedingmeyer]. Furthermore I found out who was his parents and his grandparents. The oldest known ancestors of the Deitemeyer line are now [Frantz und Anna Dedingmeyer] born at 1600.

Thank you very much for your entries in my guestbook, Ken Bartelt and Karen and Bill Deitemeyer.

News at the page [The roots of the Deitemeyers].

The next Deitemeyer generation was found. [Hermann Dedingmeier] married Anna Gertrud Schleibaum October 9th 1707. His son Joan (Joes) Caspar Dedingmeyer was born September 2nd 1722.

Warmest regards to Steven and Kent Deitemeyer. Thank you for the entries in my guestbook.
I have put the flags of Austria and New Zealand on my homepage, because there are Deitemeyers too.

Douglas, thank you very much for the entry number 21 in my guestbook.
I have data of a new generation in the Deitemeyer family. The oldest known ancestor of the Deitemeyers is now [Joann Caspar Dedingmeyer], born at 1730.
You can see also new photos in the [photogallery] .

I have found new data in the [Erk family] in the archives in Osnabrueck.
In addition I found the entry of dead of the oldest known ancestor of the Deitemeyers. [Johann Philipp Deitemeier] died 13th Dezember 1815. He was 60 years old and left his wife and 5 children.

Daniela, thank you very much for the entry number 18 in my guestbook. Our families are also related.
Therefore I can increase the number of German Deitemeyers at the page
[Our surname] oncemore on 29. I am sure that we are complete now.

Jürgen Deitemeier and his family signed up my guestbook same days ago. We didn't have met yet although our grandfathers were brothers. Beautiful, that we have been found!
Therefore I can increase the number of German Deitemeyers at the page
[Our surname] on 25.

I have contacted family researchers in USA who also search in the name Deitemeyer. Some hours later I received the message that we have common ancestors.
My great grandfather of 4th degrees, Johann Adam Deitemeier, was the brother of Johann Hermann Philipp Deitemeier, the father of Clamore Heinrich Deitemeier.
I have already mentioned Philipp und Clamore Deitemeier on my page [Emigrants].
Family tree in USA: [click here]

I have supplemented my family tree with a generation in the Deitemeyer line to 1750. The oldest known ancestor of our Deitemeyers is
[Johann Philipp Deitemeier born at 1750].

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