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One century in family photos
On this site I would like to present you all my grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents as far as there are photos of them. I thank all members of the family for lending me these photos.

The Deitemeyer family

My grandfather Johann Wilhelm Deitemeyer
left: at 1920, right: at 1940

My grandmother Hedwig Deitemeyer nee von Höne
left: at 1940, right: at 1970

links: Hedwig Deitemeyer with her children at 1942
rechts: Last photo from Wilhelm Deitemeyer in the military hospital
at 1943 in Treptow Rega

The Schweder family

My grandfather Hermann Schweder
left: at 1935, right up: at 1913, right down: 1975

My grandmother Magda Schweder nee Sünnwoldt
left: at 1930, right: 1975

left: Magda Schweder (right in the photo) with her brothers and sisters
right: Magda Schweder (in the middle) with her sisters Trudi and Emmi

left: My great-grandfather Hermann Wilhelm Schweder
right: My great-grandmother Emma Schweder nee Strüwing

My great-great-grandfather August Schweder
with my grandfather Hermann Schweder at 1912

The Sünnwoldt family

left: My great-grandparents Sünnwoldt
right: My great-grandparents Sünnwoldt with their children

The von Höne family

My great-grandfather Johann Friedrich Theodor von Höne

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