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Deitemeyer - a name becomes extinct
What does the name Deitemeyer mean?
In former times each village had a Meier, the owner of a large farm. But how was each Meier to be distinguished? Before the surname, words were used to describe the name more exactly. What did the word "Deite" mean? What I found out can be found out on the site "the roots".

What is the correct spelling?
Each person with an unusual name knows that very
often the name is written incorrectly. How would a
stranger know the correct way when even family
members write the name differently?

Even in my family there is the phenomenon of two
different ways of writing the name. My father wrote
"Deitemeier" up to his wedding. Today however he
writes "Deitemeyer." The causes of the change were mistakes in recording. One of his brothers continues to write "Deitemeier." These different spellings were often the cause of jokes. I found out that the spelling of our surname has changed often in the last centuries. I have encountered many different ways: Deitemeyer, Deitemeier, Deitemyer, Deitmann, Deitingmeier, Detingmeyer, Dedingmeyer. Not only the spelling of our surname had changed, but the number of people with this name has changed a great deal in Germany. During the 19th century there was a large number of Deitemeyers in the area of Osnabrueck. Today the situation in Germany is completely different.

Really an extremely rare name.
If I think about it, I have never met a Deitemeyer that I did not know personally. So the name must be very rare. For those who do not believe it, here are a few numbers:

Deitemeyers presently in Germany If there are 89.9 million German citizens,only 0.0000323 % of the
Germans have got the name Deitemeyer. Really few. I would be
naturally pleased if I could increase the numbers because of "unknown quantities."

Still another bad and good message:

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