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The tracks of the Deitemeyers
In the run of the time I found out a few facts about my own
family. I found out, that my grandfather Johann Wilhelm
Deitemeier had two brothers and two sisters.
I could clear up where all of them had lived. Heinrich lived and died in
Berlin 1962. Fritz lived in Wulften up to his death and Marie lived in Wittenfelde near Voerden. Anna married and moved to Bremen. After her first husband died she married again and moved to Georgsmarienhuette where she died later.

You can read on this page what I found about other tracks of the Deitemeyers.


Entries in the bible of my grandparents tell me, that most of the Deitemeyers were baptized in the protestant-lutheran church of Schledehausen and married there, too. So I went on a little trip to a place [community Bissendorf] near Osnabrueck in autumn in 2001. (Schledehausen is a part of the community Bissendorf.) In the evening of our arrival in Schledehausen a service for the harvest festival took place. After the service I took these photos of the protestant-lutheran St.-Laurentius-Church.

left: Altar in the church; rechts: St.-Laurentius-Church Schledehausen


The little village Wulften is also only a few miles away from Osnabrueck, it is a part of the community Bissendorf. There I found this lovely house, which was reconstructed by the contemporary owner. In former times Fritz Deitemeier, a brother of my grandfather lived here with his family. My great-grandfather, Franz Heinrich Deitemeier, died on this farm on the 5th of January in 1934.

Former house of Fritz Deitemeier in Wulften near Osnabrueck


This farm in Reimershagen in Mecklenburg was bought by my great-grandfather Johann Friedrich Theodor von Höne in 1937. One year later he and with him the family of my grandfather, Wilhelm Deitemeier, moved there. Here my grandmother, Hedwig Deitemeier lived till her death in 1974. All the "children" of our family have many lovely memories with this farm. Unfortunately the former farm was rebuilt some years ago and today children can spend their vacation here.

The farm in Reimershagen at 1975

Krakow am See

We live in this house in Krakow am See in Mecklenburg. We, that are my parents, my brother with family and sometimes me and my family. The following link to the Krakow-Web shows you many information about the town and the area. [Krakow-Web]

House of the Deitemeyer family in Krakow am See

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