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Birth places, baptizing and dying places
In this list there are the ancestors of my family with their places
of birth, baptizing and death. In the Deitemeyer family there are most
places in the area of Osnabrueck, while the ancestors of the family Schweder came from Mecklenburg. You can regain all places provided with (*) on the inserted maps.

Places in the Deitemeyer family

Alt Schledehausen, Aurich, Astrup*, Belm*, Deitinghausen*, Ellerbeck*, Engter, Gehrde, Grambergen*, Guestrow, Hittinghausen*, Linne*, Muenster, Neuenkirchen, Neusandhorst, Osnabrueck*,Powe*, Schledehausen*, Vehrte*,
Voerden, Wulften*

Places in the Schweder family

Albersdorf, Charlottenthal*, Guestrow*, Krakow am See*, Malchow, Klein Grabow*, Pankelow, Pastow, Rostock, Seegrube*, Sophienhof

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